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28 Feb

The Elusive Self

A shorter form of this review might be appearing in The Psychologist at some point, but I thought I’d post the whole thing here so that books on consciousness can fill some stockings this Christmas…

At the beginning of The Ravenous Brain, Daniel Bor reminds us “There is nothing more important to us than our own awareness”. Western society’s focus on brain, rather than cardiac, death as the natural endpoint to a meaningful life is testament to this assertion.

But only 20 years ago, consciousness science was regarded as a fringe endeavour. Now, particularly in the UK, consciousness is going mainstream, spearheaded by the Sackler Center for Consciousness Science at the Universtiy of Sussex, where Bor is based. Of course, in varying degrees, all psychologists study consciousness: attention and working memory are core components of high-level conscious function. But only recently has a deeper question been tackled: how…

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